Due to Covid-19 there will be no spring clean up day. The date will be moved to later in the fall. A date has not been set at this time.


During the Covid-19 nationwide shut down, community leaders look for ways to operate their municipalities safely and efficiently. Discussions for the last 2 months have been taking place during a Zoom hosted meeting for the Village of Hopkins. The 4th of July celebration has been discussed with council members as well as leaders from the Recreation Committee. It is with deep regret the community celebration that we all look forward to, will be cancelled this year. The uncertainty of ensuring a safe and healthy environment is behind the decisions. It is sad to see the celebration of our great nation, as well as our freedom put on hold for a year. The health and safety of the volunteers, families, vendors, sponsors and local business’s is our top priority. If all of us continue to take the recommended precautions, this terrible virus will be beat, and soon enough all of us will be back on our feet. God bless everyone. Terry Weick Village president

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