Village of Hopkins

COVID-19 Response

On behalf of the Village of Hopkins Council, we would like to give a few announcements that pertain to our citizens. During this health crisis we need to follow orders from the Governor decreasing contact with others as well as practicing all precautionary measures. The seriousness of preventing the spread of COVID-19 virus should be of the greatest importance.

*Concerns we currently have with our Oxidation ponds. Please do not flush paper towel, sanitary wipes, and any foreign material that can clog and disable the system.

*Check with local business for hours of operation and possible supplies before venturing out.

* The Hopkins Food bank located at the Hopkins United Church , 322 N. Maple Hopkins. Is in need of food and staples. Please contact Mitze Crowe @ 269-793-7379 or Linda Collier @ 269-793-7340 for drop offs and times and hours of operation.

Living in our small community has its challenges. Because of our limited supply sources, we may need to travel to restock what staples are low. Check with the elderly, neighbors and friends when shopping, helping each other in this time of need is essential. Hopkins is a great place to live with great resources and community. Soon all will be back to normal with your help. Please pay attention to future announcements and changes to Village’s schedule.

-Terry Weick President

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