Below are a list of ordinances and resolutions that the Village of Hopkins have officially adopted. This is not a complete list of all of the Village of Hopkins Ordinances and Resolutions. You may contact the Village of Hopkins for more information on ordinances and resolutions. 

To view an Ordinance and/or Resolution just click on the ordinance/resolution you would like to view below. A new window will open and you can view all of the pages of that ordinance/resolution by scrolling up and down.

Ordinances & Resolutions


Resolution 20-001 (Street Administrator)

Resolution 20-002 (Consumers Energy Contract)

Resolution 20-003 (Consumers Energy Contract)

Resolution 20-004 (Street Grant)

Resolution 20-005 (Charter Revision Ballot Resolution)

Resolution 20-006 (Delinquent Taxes)

Resolution 20-007 (Appointment of Addressing Authority)

Resolution 20-008 (Covid-19 Plan)

Resolution 19-001 (Pavilion Rental)

Resolution 19-002 (Check Signing)

Resolution 2016-02 (Hall Rental)

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