Billing for the sewer occurs Quarterly. The quarters are as follows:

1st QTR. is Jan., Feb., and March

2nd QTR. is April, May, and June

3rd QTR. is July, Aug., and Sept.

4th QTR. is Oct., Nov., and Dec.

Billing for each quarter occurs on the first of each 3rd month. Due dates for the sewer bills are the 16th of the month for which the bill occurred. Below is a list of the billing and due dates for the sewer bill:

Quarter               Billing Date                 Bill Due Date

   1st                          March 1                        March 16

 2nd                         June 1                           June 16

      3rd                      September 1               September 16

      4th                       December 1                 December 16

For sewer billing questions please contact Mary Swainston at 269-793-9285. For sewer maintenance problems contact the Village of Hopkins DPW.

Senior Sewer Rates

Senior Sewer Rates are available in the Village of Hopkins to qualifying residents. Senior Rates give eligible residents a reduction in their sewer bill as determined by the Village of Hopkins. The following are requirements for senior sewer rates in the Village of Hopkins:

*Resident must be 65 by Dec. 31st. of the year they are applying

*The owner of the residence on the application must have owned the property for 36 continuous months prior to the date on the application

*Their shall be no delinquent sewer charges or lien on said property.

*Other Requirements and Regulations apply see application for full details.

To apply for Senior Sewer Rates please contact Mary Swainston at 269-793-9285

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